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   Dr. William Woys Weaver

William Woys Weaver is an internationally known food ethnographer and author of 20 books dealing with culinary history and heritage seeds. He is the founder of The Roughwood Table, a non-profit organization devoted to heritage foods from heritage seeds. His grandfather, H. Ralph Weaver, established the Roughwood Seed Collection in 1932, the oldest private seed collection in the Eastern United States which houses the largest collection of Native American seeds in the country.  William Woys Weaver received his PhD in ethnography from University College, Dublin.  His non-fiction works are represented by the Lisa Ekus Group and have won many awards.  His most recent non-fiction work was published by Rizzoli (2019) and another Rizzoli title will be published in the fall of 2021. Dr. Weaver also is an accomplished food photographer and has illustrated two of his books. Having worked on fiction and folk tale for many years, he now looks forward to bringing that material into print. 

"The spirituality of your relationship to your garden and to where your food comes from will open insights into well-being and a happy connectedness to place."- Dr. William Woys Weaver

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